Your House Addition in San Dimas

Whether you are in need of a bonus room, master bedroom, master bathroom… or your house addition in San Dimas could be for a second story addition, garage, or playroom for the kids!  B&D Construction and remodeling have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to complete the job.

We understand that major construction on your home is inconvenient for your family. We make every reasonable effort to be sensitive to and minimize these inconveniences during the construction process.

As a remodeler specializing in room additions in San Dimas and North Orange County, we design an addition that fits aesthetically and structurally with the house while at the same time meets the specific needs and preferences of the customer.  Your room addition will be fully functional and at the same time completely indistinguishable from the original house.

Room additions are an economical way to increase the living space of your home, whether it\’s adding a room on the rear of the house for an additional bedroom or for a great room, or adding a room on the second level for a bedroom or study.

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